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Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

As a keynote speaker, I will bring 20 years of experience, poise, notoriety and tact to your audiences. Also, as an inspirational and motivational speaker, I leave it all on the stage with a customized presentation on the topic of your choice.

I have studied social rhetorical criticism and exegetical analysis and have been a keynote speaker for Christian leadership conferences, youth conferences, and religious services.

Frequently Requested Speaking Topics include:

  • Accountability and Autonomy: Understanding How to Lead and Motivate Millennials
  • Increasing Power through Effective Verbal, Nonverbal, and Listening Communication
  • Cultural Differences in Leadership
  • Women in Leadership: Breaking the Glass
  • Communibiology: Understanding the Brain and Communication Behaviors
  • Changing the Lens: Anti-Bias Training for Police and Law Enforcement Officials
  • Business Communication Etiquette
  • Leadership and Change: From Movers to Motivators
  • Love and Power: Understanding and Utilizing Power Dynamics in Relationships
  • Fight Fair: Using Conflict Resolution and Active Listening to Improve Relationship Quality