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Executive Coaching

Executive CoachingExceptional presentation, leadership and communications skills are essential in today’s competitive business environment. Together we will discover what your team’s needs might be and customize a presentation that will empower your staff.

Presentation/Speech Coaching

When presentations become challenges, you need the tools to make public and motivational speaking fun and effortless.

  • Build new strengths and learn techniques of powerful public speaking
  • Develop material effortlessly and quickly with the instant speech format
  • Appear confident by maximizing techniques of nonverbal delivery
  • Overcome, minimize, and manage public speaking anxiety
  • Organize and structure materials and reduce preparation time
  • Learn to utilize visual aids effectively
  • Learn how to answer tough questions

Speech Coaching interview CoachingLeadership Coaching

  • Strategies for powerful leadership-providing techniques that demonstrate how personal power and influence can build trust and empower teams. Each leadership development program is tailored to leaders’ specific personalities and target areas for needed improvement in performance.
  • Understand the impact of personality and the environment on motivation, follow through, and accountability
  • Identify techniques and solutions to resolve issues with follow through
  • Identify myths regarding communication and learn how these myths may be standing in the way of employee motivation and team communication
  • Utilize persuasive communication model to increase motivation and influence
  • Understand the importance of person-organization fit and how to select the best employees for your team
  • Understand how to manage conflict and how to leverage conflict to build stronger teams
  • Learn how to improve the climate while adapting to the culture
  • Increase executive power and presence
  • Minimize misunderstandings by increasing goal and process clarity     

Corporate Training Leadership Academy Communication Coaching

  • Understand environment and contextual communication and learn how to tailor messages to fit employee needs
  • Improve engagement and team communication with active listening
  • Learn when and how to use direct communication
  • Gain skills in communicating effectively and strategically
  • Deliver messages with confidence